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Pain Relief
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Tegretol 100mg
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Tegretol 200mg
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Tegretol 400mg
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Tegretol Product Description

Drug Uses

Tegretol is an anticonvulsant agent with antimanic properties. Tegretol tablets are used to achieve and maintain adequate control over partial (focal) and generalized tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures in epilepsy.

Tegretol tablets are also used to control paroxysmal pain and discomfort associated with facial pain syndrome (tic douloureux or trigeminal neuralgia). Tegretol reduces the frequency and intensity of pain; however, it should not be used as usual anesthetic drug.

Tegretol anticonvulsant agent is used to treat patients of different age groups, but is not recommended for very young children (under 5 years old). Tegretol tablets should be administered regardless of food intake, in several divided doses per day.

The minimal effective dose of Tegretol is considered 200-400mg per day. If there is no expected anticonvulsant, analgesic or antimanic response, Tegretol dose should be gradually increased (maximum - 2000 mg per day).

Missed dose

Take Tegretol as soon as possible if you miss the prescribed dosage. However, if it is time for the next dose of this anticonvulsant, do not take it at all. So, return to the dosing chart of Tegretol.

More Information

If patients do not respond to the standard therapy by conventional antimanic agents or have intolerance to these drugs, Tegretol tablets are prescribed to prevent or treat manic-depressive disorders. Tegretol is an alternative to Lithium compounds and other neuroleptics.


Tegretol specific analgesic and anticonvulsant should be stored in original, tightly closed container to protect from bright light and excessive moisture. The room temperature should not exceed 30°C.

Tegretol Safety Information


Patients with the nervous system disorders should use the minimal or low doses of Tegretol in the first 10-20 days even if there is no expected therapeutic response. The optimal anticonvulsant, analgesic or antimanic effect is achieved within 7-14 days after the start of Tegretol therapy. Despite the proven clinical safety of Tegretol, the risk of severe dermatological pathologies is not excluded completely. During the use of Tegretol tablets, it is required to control signs of skin reactions, especially in the first few months of using anticonvulsant agent.


All materials about the treatment of epilepsy and trigeminal neuralgia contained in this Tegretol review are presented in summary form only and are intended to provide broad consumer understanding and knowledge of the anticonvulsant benefits. You must not rely on the information as an alternative to medical advice from your epileptologist, neurologist or other professional healthcare provider. The online pharmacy does not assume any liability or risk involved in the use of this information.

Tegretol Side Effects

Most adverse reactions of Tegretol arise at the initial stage of using this anticonvulsant and are usually reversible while reducing the dose. The most common adverse effects after using Tegretol include nausea, vomiting, leukopenia, headache, dizziness, ataxia, fatigue, drowsiness, double vision, or allergic skin reactions (such as urticaria, dermatitis allergic and erythematous rashes).

The patients taking Tegretol anticonvulsant less often report about decreased appetite, abdominal pain, hallucinations, depression, aggression, agitation, leukocytosis, fever, rashes, vasculitis, jaundice, itch, cardiac conduction disorders (such as, high blood pressure and low blood pressure) or muscular weakness.

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