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Men`s Health

Himplasia is a unique Ayurvedic herbal drug. It helps to cope with BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) that causes difficulty of urine outflow, increased urge to urinate, frequent night visits to the toilet, and urine leakage. Himplasia promotes the removal of edema from the prostate and thereby improves the outflow of urine. The drug can be taken when the symptoms of BPH only begin to manifest themselves. It’s the way to reduce the risk of further development of the disease.

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Himplasia 30caps
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Product Description

Himplasia is a unique herbal medicine which is a product of the alternative medicine in India. Its use is associated with the problems a person gets due to aging. It copes with problems connected with age-related changes in the prostate. The prostate gland is one of the most important organs in the reproductive system and has the property of increasing during the aging of the body. This condition is called BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and has very unpleasant manifestations:

  • The difficulty of urine outflow
  • Increased urge to urinate
  • Frequent night visits to the toilet
  • Urine leakage

Himplasia promotes the removal of edema from the prostate and thereby improves the outflow of urine. At its high efficiency, the drug is absolutely safe and has no side effects. Himplasia is effective at the initial stage of BPH. It’s taken when the disease starts manifesting the symptoms because it reduces the risk of further development of the disease.

How Herbs Act

Some patients consider that natural components cannot be effective. That’s how some components influence the man’s organism and save it.

140mg of Tribulus Terrestris – Gokshura shows efficacy in the curing of the infection that occurs in genitals and urinary system, coping with pains during the urination, BPH, problematic urination, and when men’s urine turns to be bloody.

120 mg of Caesalpinia Bonducella Putikaranja subdues the action of the 5α-reductase enzyme. It doesn’t let testosterone turn into the cells which cause benign prostatic hyperplasia.

80 mg of Crataeva Nurvala – Varuna works as a painkiller because copes with inflammation and improves urination increasing the tone of the urinary bladder.

Other natural ingredients deal with BHP symptoms too.

Advantages of the Drug

When a person takes the drug he can experience the following benefits:

  • The prostate becomes lighter
  • The drug doesn’t let the prostate get larger
  • The urination gets easier and deprives of the pressure
  • It’s safe because it’s natural
  • It prevents any infection
  • The urinary bladder’s tone becomes better

The drug serves as a perfect prophylaxis of BPH and prevents various problems like the dysfunction of reproductive ability.

Safety Information

High blood pressure is a health problem that can prevent a person from the drug use. When a person has hypertension a man takes the drug that can lower the blood pressure. Himcolin has the same effect. That’s why the combination of these two drugs can be dangerous.

It’s better to take the drug with water and avoid alcohol consumption. The drug can be not efficient if a person doesn’t take it on the regular basis. A male should take it regularly but the period must be decided by the doctor.

Side Effects

The drug is non-hormonal and is considered to be safe. Patients have noticed zero reaction even after a half year of intake.

It consists of herbal extracts which are safe and can cause only an allergic reaction. The dose is to be discussed with a health adviser and not to be exceeded.

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