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Pain Relief
Active ingredient: Amitriptyline

Elavil - antidepressive medicine. Renders also some analgesic, H2-histamineblocking and antiserotonin action, promotes elimination of bedwetting and reduces appetite. It is taken at Depressions (especially with anexiety, agitation and sleep disorders, including children's age, endogenous, involutional, reactive, neurotic, medicinal, at organic lesions of a brain, alcoholic abstinence), schizophrenic psychoses, mixed emotional frustration, behavior disorders, night enuresis, nervous bulimia, chronic pain syndrome.

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Elavil 10mg
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Elavil 25mg
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Elavil 50mg
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Elavil 75mg
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Elavil Product Description

Drug Uses

Elavil is a tricyclic antidepressant with marked anticholinergic and
sedative properties. This antidepressant is used for management of depressive illness (mostly where sedation is required).

Clinical researches have demonstrated that tricyclic antidepressant Elavil is effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders and major depression in adolescents above 16 years, adults and elderly patients. In some cases, Elavil is used as third line therapy of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) in children aged 7 years and older.

The initial recommended dose for adults is 25 mg three times a day (75 mg). Depending on tolerability and the therapeutic effect, the adult daily dose can be increased to 150mg.

For the treatment of adult patients with severe depression and anxiety disorders, the initial Elavil dose of 100mg per day can be indicated, followed by a gradual increase. In the treatment of adolescents and elderly patients, the lowest dose of Elavil (50mg per day) is recommended to be used.

For the treatment of bedwetting in children of 7 to 10 years old, Elavil is indicated as 10 to 20mg dose per day, in children from 11 to 16 years old - 20-50mg per day. At the same time, it should be noted that the bedwetting treatment with Elavil duration should not exceed 3 months.

Missed Dose

If you’ve forgotten to take your evening dose of Elavil, do not take a pill in the morning to avoid sleepiness during the day. Just skip the missed evening dose of the antidepressant, and adhere to the usual schedule of Elavil intake. If you remember about the missed dose Elavil before you go to sleep, take it as soon as possible. A double dose of Elavil does not increase the effect of depression therapy, but may cause side effects.

More Information

The therapy of depressive illness is recommended to be started with the lowest dose of Elavil, gradually increasing it, while observing the patient’s clinical response and tolerability of the antidepressant.


Elavil should be stored in its original package in a dark place at controlled room temperature of 25°C.

Elavil Safety Information


Elavil should be indicated with caution to patients with impaired liver function, blood dyscrasias, with a history of epilepsy and with narrow-angle glaucoma. High doses of Elavil, taken by the patients with cardiovascular disorders, may cause sinus tachycardia and abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia).

Therefore, for the treatment of depression in these patients, low doses of Elavil are recommended. If Elavil is indicated to the patients with schizophrenia, the antidepressant may increase depression and exacerbate psychotic symptoms. In this case, the dose of Elavil should be lowered and a major tranquilizer should be indicated.

The information, contained in this description of antidepressant Elavil, is provided for general information purposes only and shall not substitute for the medical consultation of the neurologist or psychotherapist. The online pharmacy shall not be liable for any damage, caused by the use of information on depression, nocturnal enuresis and Elavil.

Elavil Side Effects

Usually, Elavil antidepressant is well-tolerated and tend to have few side effects. Side effects may normally appear at the beginning of the therapy with Elavil (within the first 2-4 weeks) and have a mild transient nature. Most common side effects, which Elavil may cause, include arrhythmias, tremors, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, skin disorders such as urticaria, skin rash, pruritus, myocardial infarction, and oedema of face and tongue. Also, while taking Elavil tablets, the following side effects may appear: drowsiness, syncope, restlessness, nightmares, insomnia and dizziness.

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