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Skin Care
Active ingredient: Prednisone

Deltasone - renders an antiinflammatory, antiallergic, antishock and immunodepressive effect. It is taken for treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of joints, acute asthma, allergic diseases, skin diseases.

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Deltasone 5mg
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Deltasone 10mg
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Deltasone 20mg
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Deltasone 40mg
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Deltasone Product Description

Drug Uses

Deltasone is an oral corticosteroid drug with a potent immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory activity. Deltasone oral tablets can be prescribed to treat more than 60 different types of diseases that affect different organs and systems in the body. To obtain and maintain the anti-inflammatory effect, as well as to suppress the immune response, Deltasone can be prescribed to patients with diseases and conditions related to or affecting:

  • gastrointestinal tract
  • urinary (renal) system
  • skin and soft tissue structures
  • endocrine and immune system
  • central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
  • hematological and hematopoietic systems
  • lower and upper respiratory tract

Taking into account a large number of indications for Deltasone use, to set the standard dose of Deltasone for all groups of patients is impossible. Deltasone dose is prescribed individually for each patient; it may vary from 5mg to 60mg per day. The patients with severe neurological disorders can be prescribed with the maximum daily dose of Deltasone 200mg.

Missed Dose

If you remember that you have skipped a Deltasone dose, and a little time is left for your next dose, skip the dose of this synthetic corticosteroid drug and continue the corticosteroid therapy according to your regular dosing schedule.

More Information

During the long-term corticosteroid therapy, a periodic change in Deltasone dose can be required.

  • At the initial stage of the treatment, Deltasone dose should be reduced after reaching a significant anti-inflammatory and / or immunosuppressive effect.
  • During the disease exacerbation, an increase in Deltasone daily dose can be required.
  • Prior to the complete cessation of corticosteroid therapy, the dosage and / or frequency of using Deltasone should be gradually reduced.


Deltasone tablets should be stored at room temperature not above 30⁰C, in an original light-resistant container out of reach of children.

Deltasone Safety Information


Deltasone suppresses the immune system, thereby making the body more susceptible to infectious diseases. The higher the daily doses of Deltasone, the higher the risk of infection or relapse. Given the fact that Deltasone can reduce the body's resistance to infection, various measures that can help to prevent the development of infectious disease, should be recommended.


Information about corticosteroid therapy published in Deltasone review is intended solely for informational purposes and is not a complete substitute for consultation with a medical specialist. The online pharmacy disclaims all liability for any damage caused by the use of the provided information about Deltasone.

Deltasone Side Effects

Deltasone may cause various adverse events, most of which do not require the cessation of corticosteroid therapy. During the use of Deltasone tablets, some patients may experience such gastrointestinal disorders as diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal distension, constipation and gastric irritation.

Aside from gastrointestinal reactions, Deltasone may cause vertigo, glaucoma, headache, weakness, endocrine system disorder, hypersensitivity, ecchymoses, fluid retention, petechiae, muscular atrophy, telangiectasia and hypercholesterolaemia.

When using the high daily doses of Deltasone, the risk of osteoporosis, insomnia, nervousness and mood changes increases. Despite a large number of adverse events, the benefits of Deltasone outweigh the potential risk associated with the corticosteroid therapy for most patients.

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