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General Health
Active ingredient: Biltricide

An oxyuricide drug. It increases permeability of membranes of cells of helminths for Ca2+, it causes the generalized reduction of muscles passing into the persistent paralysis leading to death of helminths. Indications field: trematodoza; paragonimiasis; fascioliasis; giant intestinal fluke infection; snail fever intestinal; snail fever urinogenital; cestodiasis; cysticercosis; neurocysticercosis.

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Biltricide 600mg
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Biltricide product description

Biltricide was developed in the late 70s by the cooperation of Bayer and Merck & Co. This pharmaceutical product has recommended itself as an effective means of a wide spectrum for the treatment and prevention of helminths in humans and animals. It is most often used in the treatment of helminth infections caused by various types of schistosomes and hepatic or pulmonary flukes.

Biltricide enhances the permeability of helminth cell membranes for calcium ions. When the concentration of calcium has raised above the norm, the body of the helminth is observed to contract musculature along with an infraction of carbohydrate metabolism, a drop in glycogen level and the creation of a toxic concentration of lactic acid derivatives. These changes lead to the death of parasites. There is an increased activity of Biltricide against cysts and nematodes.

The dosage of the remedy is calculated relative to the mass of the patient and depending upon the type of helminthiasis. Usually, it is 20-60 mg/kg once a day. It is suggested to take this medical preparation before going to bed before eating or simultaneously with food. Most often, a single dose of medication is enough, but for some pathogens, the course of treatment can last up to 2 days.

Biltricide safety information

This medication is not prescribed to cure helminthiasis in children up to 4 years of age. It cannot be assigned to treat patients with cysticercosis of the eye, hypersensitivity to Praziquantel (the basic compound). During the first trimester, Biltricide is contraindicated, in the subsequent trimesters, the obstetrician-gynecologist decides inexpediency in a tandem with a parasitologist. It is contraindicated to prescribe Biltricide against the background of rifampicin treatment.

The remedy should be prescribed to patients with the impaired rhythm of the myocardium, hepatolienne schistosomiasis and decompensated liver failure with caution.

If it is necessary to treat the illness during lactation, the breastfeeding is paused for the duration of the course plus 24 hours for the full clearance of the chemicals and preventing its penetration into breast milk. If there are serious pathologies of the liver, living in endemic cysticercosis, trematode the medical help is carried out in a hospital.

If there are problems with the heart rhythm and if it is necessary to take the medicine containing digitalis, the therapy is carried out under the supervision of a healthcare specialist. Biltricide can interact with inhibitors of liver enzymes and chlorocholine.

Biltricide side effects

Among the possible side effects - vomiting, diarrhea with blood, nausea, polyserositis, anorexia, anaphylaxis, fever, dizziness, angiogenic edema, drowsiness, arrhythmia, asthenic condition, and urticaria. Since drowsiness and dizziness may occur as an adverse effect, patients should refrain from operating motor vehicles and industrial equipment requiring the attentiveness or concentrations within the day of taking the preparation and throughout the following day.

It is theoretically possible to intensify the manifestations of side effects of the remedy when therapeutic dosages are exceeded. There is no data on the excess of the dosages of Biltricide which led to any serious negative consequences for the patient's health.

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