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Active ingredient: Betaxolol

The medicine is a cardioselective blocker of beta-1-adrenergic receptors. A major risk index for glaucomatous scotoma is an increased tension. When its rate is soaring, the eyes are more damaged. As a consequence, a visual field narrows. Betoptic reduces both increased and usual pressure, regardless of if it occurs with glaucoma, or not; the structure of its activity is connected with a decline in the performance of intraocular fluid. Betaxolol acts after half-an-hour, and the expected result is normally achieved after 2 hours after application.

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Betoptic 5ml
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Product description

Betoptic is a pharmaceutical product with beta-blocking properties used to reduce an elevated ocular pressure. It is applied in treatments of open-angle glaucomas and other disorders associated with abnormal pressure in the eye.

This ophthalmic preparation may be prescribed along with other eye treatments. Refrain from using ophthalmic action products on your own initiative unless those pharmaceuticals were prescribed for you by a qualified doctor. If you want to combine betaxolol with various eye drops, maintain a minimum spacing of 10 minutes between the applications. Such medications should not be co-administered simultaneously.

Betopic may cause blurred or unclear vision. Consider this in case you are going to drive or perform a task requiring you to see well. This drug does not combine with contact lenses. Its composition can include preservatives able to be absorbed by the soft structure of the lenses. Do not put your lenses on sooner than 15 minutes following the application of Betoptic.

Directions for use

One drop of the ophthalmic suspension of Betoptic in a concentration of 0.5% should be instilled in the problematic eye two times a day.

For correct application of the eye drops:

  1. Lean your head back a bit and carefully pull down the bottom eyelid. Turn the dispenser down right above the eye so that drops may be instilled. Squeeze out a single drop, then shut your eyes.
  2. Apply gentle pressure on the eye’s inside corner with your index finger for approx. 1 minute to keep the fluid from flowing out. You cannot instill another drop (if you need to) until 5 minutes after the first one.
  3. Protect the dropper tip from touching anything to exclude the risk of infectious particles getting in and development of further eye infection.

Safety information

Patients who are normally not eligible for using this preparation are as follows:

  • allergy sufferers for whom betaxolol is intolerable;
  • asthmatic individuals, or people with COPD;
  • individuals who have slow heartbeats; also
  • the condition known as “AV block.”

The conditions listed below require you to have your dose of Betopic adjusted or, sometimes, conduct special check-ups to ensure a safe use of this medication:

  • breathing issues such as emphysema;
  • a history of circulation disorders, strokes, blood-clotting;
  • a history of problems with the heart;
  • a muscle issue known as myasthenia gravis;
  • diabetes, also
  • a thyroid issue.

This medicine belongs to pregnancy category C by FDA. Ocular preparations of betaxolol have not been studied enough to know of their safety for an unborn baby. Inform your attending physician on your current or planned pregnancy. The ability of Betoptic’s main ingredient to pass in breast milk also remain unknown. Nursing mothers need to observe extra care and consult with their doctor whether it is possible for them to instill the drops.

Side effects

Call emergency medical help in case you begin feeling any of the following allergic symptoms: urticaria, problems with breathing, facial swelling, or sore throat.

Discontinue Betoptic and contact your primary care doctor at once should any of the serious side effects below manifest:

  • strong swelling, itchiness, burning, or discomforting sensations in or around the eye;
  • formation of crust, or discharges from your eyes;
  • signs of bronchospasm;
  • abnormal heart rate, low pulse, passing out, slow or obstructed breathing; or
  • general swelling of the body, increased weight gain.
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